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Yes, it starts with a wall - blank, newly painted, or just one in need of a refresh and YOU. ​We facilitate a high-touch experience that works with YOU to find the perfect art for your space. We source art that not only elevates your personal design style, but also tells your unique story. ​


Each piece is thoughtfully selected, JUST FOR YOU. You might love a soft palette, a serene watercolor, a pencil sketch, or bold abstracts full of energy - each piece is an expression of who you are and choosing it for your space, gives people a glimpse into an often undefined part of ourselves.


But sometimes buying art can be intimidating, leaving us to question if we are making the "right decision", but it doesn't have to be hard - we will help you find what you love and you will find a place for it - Always.



We fall in love with a piece of art when we know the story behind the art. - when we feel connected to the artist - when we get a glimpse into the process. 

Take a peek into the artistic process and lives of amazing artists.


We are all collectors, whether we spend thousands or hang our children's creations - bringing art into our space, transforms the room and makes us feel. 

Add to your collection. 

customized art plan

Fall in love with the art you have.

Add new art to your collection.

Bring art into your home that means something to you and completes your space. 

Art will be selected just for you and your space (home or office). Buy it all at once or add to your walls over time. 

painting experiences

Explore your creative side by attending in a painting experience led by emerging and well-known artists. 

Absolutely no experience is necessary!

Can't wait for the next session, pull together a group of your friends for your own painting party- organized by art for the home.


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