ART FOR THE HOME finds art just for you.

Art that connects you to the artist, elevates your design style and

tells your story. 



Is not just about finding the right piece of art, but is about connecting people to the artIt’s a place to get to know amazing artists and the depth behind the artwork. To find something new for your wall that makes you feel something. 

A place to share to share stories, to gain a glimpse into the process. And to learn something from artists and their work that we can apply to our every day.



"It started with a simple request from a friend who needed help finding a piece of art - a show stopper for the dining room. Connecting to artists online and visiting various art shows, I uncovered the just right abstract with rich colors, reminding my friend of the view from her favorite vacation spot. From there, things grew and I found a niche in helping homeowners and commercial clients complete their space by adding art that not only elevates their design style, but also tells their story". 



With corporate experience in Human Resources and Marketing, in 2007 I co-founded a company that matched women with flexible and part-time work opportunities, at a time when these concepts were not commonplace. After eight plus years navigating the start-up scene and growing the business to regional scale, we sold the company to a national staffing firm. Thinking about what was next, I noticed that a through-line to my experience is connecting. Leaning into this natural skill and my long-time passion for art, I quietly launched ART FOR THE HOME in 2017. 


I've tried to paint a masterpiece and know that even the "simplest" abstract is not easy to create!! And I discovered that it is not just the finished product that we love, but it is the process of how that piece comes to be that draws us in. I love how artists use color to communicate with the world - often times communicating more through a painting than words could ever do. I believe that art is an exchange of energy that we might not be able to see or explain but that makes us feel something - it connects us.


Growing up outside of Chicago from the age of 4 to 15, The Art Institute was a commonplace field trip destination. Regular visits led to a familiarity that allowed me to navigate, often steps ahead with my sister, to favorite moments, especially the blue glow of Chagall’s America WIndows. It was upon revisiting after a move to Nashville as a teenager that I realized the gravity of these greats. Truly though, I do not know if I will ever be capable of wrapping my head around the magnificence of standing in the presence of an actual Picasso, O’Keefe or Matisse. I love that I developed an appreciation of art so young. 

With a education and career in clinic psychology, I am taking all I know about people and what creates joy within us - and applying that to Art For The Home. Working to bring you amazing art that tells your story.