Art For The Home is about connecting people to art. It is about getting to know amazing artists and the depth behind the artwork. It is a place to share stories, to gain a glimpse into the process. And to learn something from artist and their work that we can apply to our every day....

I have a great appreciation for art. I've tried to paint a masterpiece and know that even the "simplest" abstract is not easy!! My love for art started as a young girl. I used to watch my grandmother, Nanny, make a bowl of apples come to life through charcoal and pastels. So realistic, you could reach out and grab one. 

Because the artistic gene didn’t end up in my blood, I love filling my walls with a mix of art from well-known artists, my children's art projects, and treasures I have picked up from various art festivals (remind me to tell you about the first piece that my husband and I ever bought!). Every piece of art in my house reminds me of a special event, trip, and feeling. All great memories. My family and I often find unique pieces to gift each other at Christmas. I love knowing that we have similar things hanging in our houses that are over 600 miles apart.


I think that every home should have original artwork. I’ve learned that collecting original art does not have to be hard, intimidating, or expensive. You just have to know where to look.

Not everyone has the same taste in art that I do, but I love sharing the interesting and unique artwork and artists that are getting my attention. It is fun learn about each process and how the uniqueness becomes the thread that connects us all. 


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