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One night in 2004, Lacey was taking a moment for herself with eyes closed when she very clearly saw a feather in her mind. Without clear direction as to what it meant, she took the moment to practice gratitude and upon standing up glanced in the mirror to notice an actual small white feather on her forehead. She felt seen and loved. 


After that experience, every time she saw a feather, whether on the ground or coming out of a pillow, she practiced gratitude despite her state of mind, mood, or situation. Seeing a feather set into motion a ritual that grounded her particularly during a difficult nine year season which led her back to her basement art studio in the home of her parents. After some experimentation, Lacey eventually created her first feather in an effort to create something original and true to herself. The rest of the story is what developed into a successful art business and a time of Lacey’s life that she could have never imagined for herself at the moment of her initial feather sighting.


Lacey’s feathers are, indeed, beautiful but they have also become appreciated for their symbolic beauty. Each one is unique, just as is what one represents to its owner.


Pop-in to the Collective615 located in the L&L Market to take a peek at Vicki's Collection curated by Stevie Lord. 

You can shop the walls and take your favorite home with you. 

You can also view the collection online. 



Nashville's first coworking community designed by women, for women.

Collective615 is located within L&L Marketplace, a historic 1929's restored hosiery factory in west Nashville. We couldn't think of a better home for Collective615 than inside a piece of Nashville's history!

Our modern, flexible workspace features soaring ceilings, an abundance of natural light, one-of-a-kind conference rooms, break-out rooms, lounge areas, an outdoor patio, and a luxury café. We even have a GSD level for those who need to “Get Shit Done.”

Just steps away, our members will enjoy the convenience of an incredible ecosystem of boutique options for dining, shopping, fitness, and more.