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I have been following Meredith Christenberry and the collective she created since early 2016 and even published a story about her on Style Blueprint back in December 2016 (time flies). With a shared love for art, all of our conversations could have lasted for hours. So, when we randomly (seriously!!) ran into each other at an art opening in Charleston (neither of our hometowns) a few years ago, we were both shocked and elated to finally meet in person. I'll never for get it... 

After a long car ride, my family and I were stretching our legs and walking down the arts district in Charleston when I asked them to hold on a minute so I could pop into "this gallery" I had read about online. Embarrassingly, I was not dressed for an art opening, but threw caution to the wind and opened the door - squashing my clothes shame, thinking I don’t know anyone in Charleston. Ha! I walked down the narrow hall towards the back of the gallery, just as Meredith was walking in the opposite direction. We walked past each other and did a double take. It was a hilarious moment of “Wait! I know you!”. And that was when I truly realized the amazing connections that social media can create. With only minutes (my boys were peering in the windows, wondering who I was hugging in this strange, new town) to catch up,  Meredith and I vowed to stay in touch and keep talking about art. 


Since then, Meredith’s business (and family) has grown successfully. What humbly began as a way to share art created by the talented artists in her family, quickly gained interest from other artists in the area. These artists were drawn to Meredith's dynamic personality and genuine love for art. With a deep background in sales, Meredith decided to follow her passion and officially launched The Christenberry Collection in 2015, establishing her Collective as one of the first online collectives in the industry.

Based in Columbia, SC, the Christenberry Collection is home to a wide variety of artists with varying styles and palettes. Showcasing the talent of not only her family and friends, but artists from across the South, Meredith has curated an amazing selection of art that ranges from small gifts to large statement pieces. 

Meredith takes very hands-on approach to sharing art with a wide audience. Her very active Instagram account is constantly being populated with the latest and greatest artwork from her artists. Additionally, Meredith offers in-home consultations, bringing art into the home clients can really get a feel for how it looks in their space.

Knowing that it can be hard for a client to visualize what a piece of art can look like in their home, Meredith does a great job staging art so that people can get a glimpse of what it looks like in a certain space – placing works over couches to provide scale and interest. "Having a client who has not seen the piece or example of the artist’s work can be a hurdle. This is my biggest challenge. If you can allow someone to visualize it in their home, the piece sells itself. We do lots of staging, and that helps".

Full-time business owner and full-time mom of two certainly makes for a busy life, yet Meredith successfully makes room for each. I am continually impressed with the artists that Meredith is highlighting and all the Instagram stories certainly keeps me plugged into all the good stuff going on with the Christenberry Collection.

Take a minute to learn more about Meredith and be sure to follow along on instagram @christenberry_collection

Kaki Dixon

the fun stuff .... 
Favorite hostess gift to give?    

Our store carries these pear shaped candles I'm obsessed with that i usually put with pretty matches.

amanda gough

kym de los reyes

kelly pelfrey

Favorite restaurant? 

Hendrix @hendrixcola. My friend, designer Christy Davis just opened in Cola, which is a new hot spot! Make sure to follow them, amazing rooftop bar and yummy food and drinks. And the art is amazing (we helped curate) :)

Favorite drink? 

Margarita with salt!

Favorite vacation spot? 

Beaufort, SC. It's one of our absolutely favorite spots. It's quiet and quaint, driving distance, and you can walk everywhere. Very historic with lots of art galleries!!!! Amazing restaurants and on the coast!! 

What's on your wish list? 

A huge gas range in my kitchen!! One day we will renovate this kitchen, but not quite yet... sigh. 

behind the scenes ....
What do you love the most about the artist you work with? 

I love their passion for their work. Some of these women do it as their full time income and to support their families. They are always looking to keep things new and fresh which I just love. New and fresh is my mantra!! Offering something new keeps people coming back - I love it that many of my clients have art from a variety of the artists in the Collective. 

What are you excited about in the art world? 

I am working on more collaborations which is so much fun. Also, we are committed to giving back in 2019. We just finished our February "give back" to Camp Cole, a camp being built in Columbia for children and adults with physical and mental challenges. At the end of the day, if our brand helps others that what this life is all about. 

What is one your favorite pieces of art that you own? 

I just love my Lillies by Amy Dixon. It is a large, original of our wedding flowers. This piece of art brings back happy memories of that day! And I love that it came from such a special person who always exclaims "those are the lilies from your wedding!".


And of course, I can't just pick on favorite, because I also love the Jenny Moss landscape hangs over our bed. My mom gave it to us. Really speaks to me! 

How do you make work fit in with your life (you know all those mom responsibilities)?

It's all about the balance! Keeping my calendar attached to my hip and keeping a tight schedule. Mornings are for emails, loading photos, shipping, mail chimp emails, marketing, framing, hanging in the gallery. Afternoons are rest time with the kids. I sometimes do work while they are napping but TRY to be do be done by the time they are up. Laundry and house chores fit somewhere in between all of this - hahahahaha!!

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