Art adds a perfect finishing touch to every space and brings all the elements of a room together.    


Outfitting corporate office space with all the finishing touches - like art, ensures the space accurately reflects your mission, values, and brand.


Working side-by-side with interior designers to curate and source the perfect pieces of art for the space, taking the design to the next level. 

We bring your space to life by finding art that reflects who you are

and how you want your space to feel.


    an easy way to get started

    Need a refresh, maybe art re-arranging or reframing? Book a one (or more) hour session to look at the art you have, the art you love, and talk about what you would like to add to your space. 

    consulting rate per hour


    customized plan for your space

    Ready to add more art to your space, we will come up with customized art plan that elevates your design style, is within your budget, and tells your story. 

    fee determined based on plan


    art created just for you

    Fall in love with a piece but it's too small? We work with artists to create custom art for your space - giving you access to the process of creating art seeing your piece come together from beginning to end. 

    consulting rate per hour


    easy and custom

    We take your art to our custom framers and select beautiful frames that work with your space. 

    consulting rate per hour


    get it right, the first time

    We schedule our professional installers to hang your art - no longer do we need to put ten holes in the wall to get the perfect end result. 

    consulting rate per hour

Interested in learning more about how we can make your space feel complete?

Schedule a thirty minute free consultation. 



the process

Through a series of conversations and visits (in person or virtual), you will receive an art plan based your design style, preferences, and price point.

The plan includes art by amazing artists from around the country. Each piece is thoughtfully selected, JUST FOR YOU. You might love a soft palette, a serene watercolor, a pencil sketch, or bold abstracts full of energy - each piece is an expression of who you are and choosing it for your space, gives people a glimpse into an often undefined part of ourselves.

Art selected is designed to showcase not only what you love, but also push you slightly out of your comfort zone, connecting you with art that you never considered for your space! 

Each plan includes several iterations to ensure that we are calibrated to find the just right art for your space.

We love finding the just right art for you. 


richmond, va

You nailed it! I love everything that you shared with me. Each piece has it's own story and together they tell mine!


richmond, va

This is great. I am glad that we have original artwork in our space that helps build our culture and tell our story. 


nashville, tn

Wow! This is amazing. Seeing the art in person, in my home makes all the difference. I don't have to imagine what it will look like. I can look at it and know I love it!

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