Nashville, TN: Hannah Lane

Hannah is not afraid to challenge herself to what is hard or scary, and she allows herself to "play" with new ideas and arrangements - always open to the exploration. 

Meeting with Hannah Lane, a Nashville-based mixed media artist, is like catching up with an old friend. From the minute she opens the door to her home studio, Hannah exudes genuine Southern charm as any good Louisiana native-turned-Nashvillian would.

As a formally trained and practiced artist, Hannah uniquely layers pieces of hand-dyed paper with pastels and paint to create small- and large-scale paintings. The combination of these elements and bursts of color leads the eye on a journey to something unique each time you look at a piece of her art. Whether the subject is the Louisiana marsh, a cluster of artichokes, a large crowd or an abstract, Hannah’s vibrant color palette remains the constant the unifies all of her work.


Hannah is not afraid to challenge herself to do what is hard or scary, and she pushes herself to “play” with new arrangements, which have led to both the trashcan and successful works of art. While Hannah is inspired by the things around her, her creative drive comes from within. She is diligent at capturing images that speak to her, whether it be on a walk through Radnor Lake natural area just south of Nashville or a vase of wilting tulips. Hannah sees the beauty in these images and combines her memories with photographs of her experiences to inspire what she puts on paper.


Hannah’s focus on collaboration versus competition has enabled her to build unique relationships with other Southern artists, and she will also be one of the inaugural members of the new Nashville Artist Collective, which launches this fall. Hannah has an innate gift of channeling what is meaningful to her and translating it into beautiful works of art, leaving a mark on the world through the paintings she creates. 


This article orginially appeared on Style Blueprint: Southern Edition. Click here to read the full article and Q&A with Hannah.  

Check out more of Hannah's work at and follow Hannah on instagram @hannahlanepaintings.

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