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It is so fun to be in the same town with Liza Pruitt, founder of the Liza Pruitt Collective. Over the past couple of weeks, I have spent some time with the lady behind the Collective – and she is the real deal - a kind, enthusiastic, go-getter who is passionate about art.


Bouncing around town, meeting people and making friends, Liza is full of great ideas and eager to find art that makes a house feel like a home. Liza's appreciation for art stems from a life well traveled. Born in Savannah, Liza’s hometown holds a very special place in her heart, drawing her back every couple of months. Time in Jackson Hole opened Liza’s eyes to the land, introducing her to unique artists. During this time, Liza picked up beautiful works that not only look great on the wall, but had an unconscious impact on her soul., taking hold for her heart, planting a seed - a love for art. Landing in Richmond, VA a couple of years ago, Liza found a city that feels like home and a passion for “connecting people with the art that speaks their language”.

While working full time in medical sales, Liza dabbled in the art business alongside a friend. Trying to juggle a full-time job while pursuing her passion for selling art was challenging. An expert in sales, the traditional job was not as interesting any more. Liza really wanted to create a platform where she could connect people to authentic, original artwork. With support from her husband, Liza took a leap of faith and decided to pursue the art business full-time and in October 2018 Liza launched

A few months into 2019, the LP Collective is really taking off. Liza has pulled together an amazing collection of artists from across the country, many whose work is under-represented in the market. Liza taps artists whose art speaks to her - art that she would want to hang on her walls. Liza has combined some of the best artists in Richmond with others from across the country for her collection. These Richmonders, Emma Mortemousque, Janie Pinney, Christine Rennie, and Caroline Pinney, sit alongside of other seasoned favorites Beth Robison whose work is well sought after through out the south.

Liza’s strong sales background is one of her greatest strengths. Calling on interior designers and local design shops, Liza has built strong partnerships in the industry. And she is the queen of pop-up sales. On the road a couple times a month, you can find Liza setting up temporary shops in Raleigh and Savannah (and this spring at High Point Market in North Carolina). With this "traveling art gallery" Liza takes the art to the people - enabling collectors to see art from a variety of artists outside of what's available int their hometown.

A collector of art, Liza appreciates how a single piece of art can transform a room and tell a story. Her home is full of amazing art, not only by the artists she represents, but also houses the works of talented artists in the industry, like Elaine Burge and Raven Roxanne. Each piece telling a story of a time, a memory, an emotion, each a comfort and presence in her life. 

With big ideas on the horizon, I am exited to watch Liza grow her Collective! Follow along @liza.pruitt and

Beth Robeson

the fun stuff .... 
Favorite hostess gift to give?    

flowers. Love how a bouquet of flowers can brighten up any space. Just like art!

Favorite restaurant? 

.Stella’s - we love “Stella’s Calamari”

Favorite drink? 


Favorite vacation spot? 

Eek, that’s tough because I love love to travel. Jackson Hole is always a top pick. I met my husband there and got married below the Tetons. My second pick would be Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abacos. I have so many family memories from there and growing up on the water, I love being on a boat.

What's on your wish list? 

Wow this might be the hardest question for me. Um… I hope one day we ended up living by the water.

amanda gough

behind the scenes ....

nac: 2018

liza's personal collection - commission by elaine burges

What do you love the most about the artist you work with? 

I love that I have learned so much about the process and passion that goes into each and every piece. Furthermore, some of the artists have become dear friends. Friends that I can call on and ask about advice if it’s about the industry or daily life challenges. This endeavor has opened up a whole new world to me and I am so thankful for the opportunity.

What are you excited about in the art world? 

I am planning to visit the Harding Art Show in Nashville, TN this May. I am looking forward to meeting new artists and connecting with a different audience.

What is one your favorite pieces of art that you own? 

I purchased my first Renee Bouchon piece this past fall. I remember seeing it and falling in love immediately, I knew I had to have it. This piece symbolizes growth as it has opened up a lot of doors for me. Stay Tuned for an announcement in April.

What do you like about having pop-up shows outside of Richmond, VA? 

Love meeting and connecting with new people. I love love networking and learning from others. Furthermore, teaching new audiences about the artists that I represent. Helping to tell their stories. Lastly, traveling has introduced me to so many unique and wonderful people! I have hosted private shows at my house but would love the opportunity to host an art event in larger spaces. 

liza's pup, huntley

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