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Friendly, smart, go-getter, Rowanne McKnight - the curator of the Nashville Artist Collective, is always on my list of people to catch up with when I am in my hometown. Full of life and positive energy, sometimes it is hard to keep up with this marathon running, yoga junky who is always toting a car full of art from one pop-up to the next. But time seems to slow down a little bit when we have a chance to visit. Sitting across from one another at the local Starbucks, we jump right in to big-idea conversations and brainstorming about our shared passion of connecting people to art.


Rowanne was an avid art collector well before she started running the Nashville Artist Collective. Drawn to bright abstracts and unique sculptures, Rowanne has amassed an amazing personal collection, picking up art that speaks to her - each piece telling a story and holding a special memory.


In 2016, Rowanne combined her love for art and sound mind for business and launched the Nashville Artist Collective (sister collection to the Charleston Artist Collective). And now, just a few years later, with her drive to succeed and genuine love for art, the Nashville Artist Collective is a major player in the Nashville art scene.

Rowanne’s enthusiasm for art and the artists she works with is contagious. With a keen eye for emerging artists, Rowanne has cultivated a very talented group who have a depth of experience and rich life stories. Rowanne showcases the artists’ work on-line and in frequent pop-up events, often times at unique locations like a local yoga studio.


What I love most about the NAC is that Rowanne is not just selling art, but she is creating a family of artists. These artists get together frequently to support each other, collaborate, brainstorm, and just have fun! It is obvious that each artist feels fortunate to be a part of the Nashville Artist Collective. And when Rowanne talks about the last art show or the monthly dinners with her artists - her face lights up, smiling from ear to ear. You can just tell her heart is full (and by now probably so are her walls!).

​​Meet my friend and art enthusiast, Rowanne McKnight and follow the NAC on instagram for all the latest art updates. 

the fun stuff .... 
Favorite hostess gift to give?    

Christie Cookies

Favorite Nashville restaurant? 

nac: 2018

nac: trevor mikula

Creative Block

McKnight Family

There are so many great ones now, but my current fave = Answer in Sylvan Park

Favorite drink? 

Vodka & soda with  as many lemons and limes as possible

Favorite vacation spot? 

Cashiers, NC or St George Island, FL

What's on your wish list? 

Art! Can’t stop - ha!

How long have you been running the NAC? 

I officially launched in Sept of 2016, but there was definitely a lot of behind the scenes work for several months prior to the launch.

What do you love the most about the artist you work with? 

I love their talent, their creative and sensitive spirits, and their courage to go for it!

What are you excited about in the art world? 

I get really excited about the accessibility of the arts in the digital space. I fell in love with the arts in high school and college. “Back then” we didn’t have the internet or social media. Though I loved those heavy books and rounds of art slides, it just took longer to find current day art. Galleries and museums were an intentional and special trip. Now, you can make a favorite discovery over a cup of coffee. In 2019, I am excited to see more contemporary art in the large-scale - murals, wallpapers. Color is being celebrated, so let’s bring on the gallery walls!

What is one your favorite pieces of art that you own? 

I actually have a sculpture piece by Daniel Lai called “Creative Block”. The clay figure sits atop a large block of color crayons and is holding a white crayon in its hand. I bought it when I was really trying to muster up the gumption to take the leap into the arts as my job. To me, it symbolizes that you are sitting on everything you need. We all experience those blocks, and this piece illustrates it perfectly.

How do you make your work fit with your life (and all those mom responsibilities? 

Well, work + life is just messy. Is anyone nailing it?? A few things help - I try to exercise before everyone gets up so I can clear my head and heart for the day. We have lots of calendars! I am also extremely fortunate to have a great partner in my husband, who is also an entrepreneur. We both pitch in and make it work. And, wine…

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