Visually fatigued from being “stuck” in a static environment, we are all searching for ways to uplift our living spaces. Focusing on art is an easy way to elevate any room. Here are three simple tips on how to use art to make your space feel renewed.

1. Do the “art dance”: Simply moving art from wall to wall provides a different perspective. All of the sudden that "old" piece of art takes on a new life, introducing you to something in that piece that you may have not seen before.

I did this recently in my own space and it was really transformative. I moved a precious piece of art from the family room to a little wall, just on the other side of the kitchen. All of the sudden something that I stared at so often that it had almost become invisible, looked different. New. The blues pop more. The way the light poured into the room showcased the texture of the art in a completely unique way.

2. Update the framing: When you buy art that you love, it never goes out of style – but the framing certainly will. Take a look around. Do you have gold frames, wood frames, and shiny silver frames showcasing your art? Do you like the combination of frames? If yes, great! There are times when the inconstancy of how art is framed can be tough on the eye, subconsciously asking the brain to fit these pieces together in a way that does not come naturally.

If you are craving a way to calm the mind – all it takes is a set of new frames. Yes, reframing your entire art collection may be time consuming and expensive (if you go the custom framing route). But all you have to do is start with one room or a grouping of art that you love.

I recently worked with a client on a re-framing project and the impact was truly amazing. The “problem” spot was the living room with big walls and high ceilings. The art resting in this space was colorful, energetic, and full of memories from family vacations. The art was just right, but the framing was all wrong. A combination of metals (which can be okay when intentional) and art stuck in dark green and blue mats (yes, it was a popular thing!) was distracting from the beauty of the piece. We talked about how the homeowner wanted this room to “feel” and then headed off to the local framer with 6 pieces of art varying in size. We picked a soft champagne color that can read both silver and gold, tying together all the elements in the room (and will also provide versatility when you do the “art dance” - see above). The new frames differed in size and shape yet they all worked together creating visual consistency. Re-installing these pieces in the home was so fun. Each piece talked to the other, telling a unique story within the space, bringing with it a history and a new, updated look.

3. Buy something new: big or small, paper or canvas, from an experienced artist or up and comer. Invest in something that brings you joy. Something that has your favorite colors or reminds you of a vacation spot or an abstract that invites you to see something different each time you look at it.

During a time when we can’t meander through an art festival or attend a big art show, it can seem hard to find art that you love, but buying art does not have to be hard or overwhelming. Platforms like Instagram have brought us closer to the artist and their process than ever before. So, follow along. Find a favorite artist, learn about their process, observe what they are putting out there. And buy something that speaks to you. Just go for it!

Feeling overwhelmed? Look to online collectives that represent certain artists. is a great way to see a bunch of art from different artists all in one place. It also helps you refine your interests and narrow down what you are looking for. The Nashville Artist Collective, Well + Wonder, and the liza pruitt collective are some of my favorites!

f you just don’t know where to start, let's talk. Finding the just right art is what we do:

  • listen - to how you want your space to feel

  • learn - about your experiences and what you might want to have in your space

  • find - the right art just for you!