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It is fun bouncing from art fair to online collective searching for the just right piece of art for my clients (and my walls). Whether you are searching for a big statement piece or a little pretty to tuck on a shelf - you can find a piece that fits your interest, price range and decor - sometimes, you just have to know the right places to look.

So, I have pulled together some of my favorite pieces of art for your space and to throw on your wrist, around your neck and in your ears. Take peak and click the link to shop.

Just in time for a thoughtful mother's day gift, graduation goody, or just because ...

Theodora Miller - Richmond, Va

While Theodora hones her creative process in her basement studio, her work is displayed throughout her house. The warm light on the main floor creates a natural path down the hallway where many of Theodora’s paintings are gathered along the wall. The dining room is a makeshift gallery (at least for our visit) where her pieces, big and small, are spread across on the table. New fabric and pillows relax on the chairs, bearing witness to the evolution of Theodora’s work. All the pieces are individually beautiful. When combined, Theodora’s artwork tells a unique story of growth, nurturing, exploration, and love. Read more ...

Megan Elizabeth - Alexandria, VA

Coming across Megan’s early work through social media, you see a pioneer, figuring it out as she goes along. As a former teacher in inner city schools, Megan used to paint as a way to decompress from a stressful day. Megan discovered that painting allowed her to process the challenges that she could not fix. After years of putting paint on canvas as a “hobby”, Megan was able to realize her unique potential and became a full time artist. With a distinct perspective and grounded reality, Megan tries not to stress about the little things. Although she is always thinking about different pieces she wants to create, when she starts to paint she cannot predict what will happen; what twist or turn a painting will take. To an outsider it might look like play, but it is hard work. Megan challenges herself to keep at it and to persist – even when it is uncomfortable and challenging. Read more ...

Courtney Sievers - Richmond, Va

Courtney has accepted life’s ups and downs with grace, recognizing that where she is – is the right place to be. The twists and turns revealing truths and through acknowledgment have slightly changed the path, leading to the birth of a new creative voice. An expression that Courtney did not know was buried deep inside of her. Stepping outside her comfort zone, Courtney has leaned into a yearning to color outside the lines and discovered the joy of painting abstracts. The free-flowing movement of the palette knife across the canvas is a stark contrast to the detail of her en plein air work but equally as interesting. Through this new approach, Courtney is learning to let go of expectation and the result is stunning. Read more ...

Nicki Metcalf - Richmond, Va

Nicki is a talented photographer and passionate artist. Deeply rooted in her faith, Nicki's art is a true reflection of her life's journey. This girl always has a smile on her face, an outward expression of her inner beauty that she shares with the world.

An adventurer, Nicki is always is always exploring, creating, playing, and refining her artistic voice. By adding layers of paint to the canvas, experimenting with colors, seeing the world with a new perspective - Nicki creates beautiful works of art ranging from abstracts to color-filled flowers. Each genre inviting the viewer to take a deeper look at the piece and to join the adventure of life right along side Nicki.

Ally Sheppard - mixed media on 12x12 paper

Ally Sheppard - Nashville, Tn

Whether it is volunteering at school, totting her kids to afternoon activities or relaxing on the back porch, Ally is observing the scenes that unfold before her eyes and filing away the color compositions and perspective of light for her next painting session.

Following her passion for art in the traditional sense, Ally studied art history in college and put her academics to good use working in museums and auction houses. But these careers left her wanting more - more opportunity to use her hands to express her view of the world through painting. Now, as a full-time artist, Ally uses calm and cooling colors, to create balance and an invitation to breathe into the life laid out before us.

Christine Rennie - Collage on 9x12 paper

Christine Rennie - Richmond, Va

Christine has cultivated her talent over the years with practice and persistence, but also comes by it naturally. With a mom who is an artist, Christine grew up in a creative home where her playroom was a launching pad for artistic exploration. A place where she was encouraged to explore and even paint on the walls! While Christine loved that freedom, her current process is much neater and organized than her childhood experience.

Thoughtfully engaged in each painting, Christine sketches the design and sets to work adding color to the canvas, rarely a drop of paint touching the floor. She never starts over. She does not wipe the slate clean, but rather tinkers and tinkers and tinkers. Stepping back to examine, adding the just right touches to balance the color and composition until the painting is just right.

Plus she makes amazing jewelry!!

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