don't forget your lipstick

When I was a teenager (think senior in high school), whenever I left the house, my mom would say, “don’t forget to put on your lipstick, it always brightens your eyes,” and of course, I would roll those eyes and say “mom – um please, I don’t wear lipstick.” At that stage in my life, I did not want to bother with something that felt so trivial. And even though those beauty sticks have evolved in color and application over the past twenty years, I still don’t like a lipstick. The best I can do is swipe my lips with neutral Neutrogena gloss which I know doesn’t do much for my eyes (sorry, mom!).

But it’s funny, when comes to my home, it’s the lipstick that I love the most - the art - the finishing touch that pulls the entire look together. After a room is painted, the sofa perfectly placed for dynamic conversation, lamps and other accouterments uniquely selected for the space, precisely spread throughout the room, the walls are often left bare. You can almost hear them, silently calling for a piece of art. Just like the perfect dress or simple jeans and t-shirt, the room needs it’s eyes to pop - the just right thing, full of color that brings an entire space together. A piece of art, large or small, abstract or portrait – a piece that pulls in the life that surround you, complimenting the perfect design, and becoming THE thing that your eyes rest on, always.

So, whether art is always on your mind or you’re exhausted from a renovation that you can’t even think about making one more decision, let’s listen to my mom when she says “don’t forget to put on your lipstick, it will make your eyes pop."

Umbrella Tassels - original art by Teil Duncan

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