If you know anything about Art For The Home, you likely know that the Harding Art Show is one of our very favorite events. Quite frankly, it is our Disney World! Who doesn’t love rooms full of amazing artists and their stunning artwork? For 45 years, the Harding Art Show has brought together a community and shared in a love for art.

Art For The Home Founder, Whitney, grew up in Nashville with this special spring event penciled into the calendar each year. Although she is now based in Richmond, Virginia, you can find Whitney back home in Nashville at the show almost every year.

We are always amazed with how the event evolves each year to truly stand out among other shows in Nashville and beyond. Because of the professional reputation of the show and the amazing artist-experience each year, the Harding Art Show attracts a stellar line-up of artists from all across the country.

Run by a close-knit school community, this event depends on A LOT of volunteers. Each year the Co-chairs of the event spend countless hours selecting and curating a show that is a perfect reflection of their love for art. They create an intentional platform to showcase each individual artist to ensure they receive the spotlight that he or she deserves.


Planning for the Harding Art Show begins the very minute the last show ends with work unfolding over the course of many months. The Co-chairs and all committee volunteers are constantly thinking about who will be the featured artist for the following year. From that point, an artist line-up is formed, and logistics are set into place. This year for 2021, due to COVID-19, the show has gone virtual for the very first time. With this move came even more planning and changes for the committee to handle.

This core team manages endless communications with the artists, new and seasoned, to ensure they have all the details needed to be prepared for the big event. Additional committees execute opening receptions (limited only to sponsors this year), plan additional supporting events, and focus on financials with school administration. This is, after all, a fundraiser… a successful one, at that! Each year the show is underwritten by corporate and individual sponsors, which, this year, includes Art For The Home!

While the attention is on the amazing artists in the lineup, the art focus goes well beyond the professionals. As a school event, the excitement is mirrored in the classroom where the Harding Academy students flex their artistic muscle and learn new skills and techniques to take with them well beyond their grade school years. Their art is showcased around the school during the show, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell what has been created by the professionals and what has been touched by the unbridled creative hands of even the youngest student. The most rewarding moments occur when some of these young creatives grow up and join the ranks of the Harding Art Show elite as professional artists themselves!


This year the Harding Art Show will showcase the artwork of over 75 artists. The 2021 featured artist, Caroline Boykin, will lead the show with her architectural and emotional, multi-medium works of porcelain flowers and butterflies scattered across striking canvases.

Additional artists on the 2021 list we have known and worked with for years. These are not just our favorite artists, but some of our favorite people such as Carey Haynes, Sara Ella Cole, Liz Lane, Lacey Simmons, DeeAnn Reives, Kent Youngstrom, Laura Clark, Carrie Pittman, and our buddy, Austin Allen James - a new comer to the Harding Art Show this year. We are also really looking forward to seeing what Amanda Norman, Hillary Howorth, Katie Madden, Parrish Hoag, and Whitney Stoddard “bring to the show” this year!


This year, the “day of” will look quite different with the majority of shopping taking place online. But there is no doubt the excitement will permeate Nashville and beyond as all events kick off! The essential team of smiling volunteers will still be on hand to help bring in giant canvases and delicate sculptures from a list of local artists. (The entire list of the 75 participating artists will still be available online.) Although things will look a little different this year at the start of the event, there will still be a quiet hustle of volunteers and artists getting ready for some exciting art acquisition to take place.

The virtual shopping doors open at 5:00 p.m. CST on Thursday, April 29. (Need help navigating the process of shopping for art online? Read our expert guide here. You can shop online at www.thehardingartshow.com through Midnight on Sunday, May 2. This year the delightful rush of eager shoppers ready to take part in the show will have opportunities to see works from a select list of local shoppers during two in-person shopping windows: Friday, April 30 from 2:00-7:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 1 from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

This very special community event is an amazing experience full of energy, beauty, community, and art. Art For The Home is honored to support the efforts of the Harding Art Show as a Silver Sponsor, and we are here to help each of you with our Expert Guide to Buying Art Online. Although the pace of this year’s event will be slightly different, we are confident that, by the end of the night, many red dots will scatter across the website and in-person booths, indicating SOLD to an eager buyer and SUCCESS for this treasured event.