SHE IS _______

Whether silent or boisterous, behind the scenes or upfront. At home or at work. Women are the back bone of our families, our communities, our companies, and our world. I don’t subscribe to the hallmark holidays – celebrating things that we should appreciate everyday (ahem, Valentines) and while I feel the same way about how we celebrate and support women – I am taking a step back – reflecting and feeling the power of all the women who have come before us,

All the great great great grandmothers who suffered so that we can be who and where we are today. All the women who are struggling to do it all. To be. And while I do believe that we should celebrate women and our achievements EVERYDAY it is also fun to pause and call attention to US this month.

We all have that woman. That woman who opened our eyes to what is possible within us. That woman who encourages us when we feel small. That woman who is not afraid to show her weaknesses. That woman who gets up again and again and again in spite of continuing to be knocked down. That woman who smiles at you just when you need it. That woman who leads the company and takes time to talk to the grounds crew. That woman who is elected Vice-President. That woman who shows up every day. Who is that woman to you? I can think of many who have inspired me throughout my life and career. And I hope that we are all that woman for someone in our lives.

So this International Women's Day (my boys even knew it was on March 8th which kinda made my heart burst!). - let's pause, reflect, thank the women in our lives! and celebrate all that WE have done and all that WE WILL DO.

Because SHE IS ... THAT WOMAN ... TO ME.

As a special tribute to women everywhere, we have pulled together a collection of art by women for women – celebrating women – all the shapes, sizes, colors. Each piece, unique just like us. Each piece standing alone and in community. Each piece a representation of us. Whether it is a color, shape, or just little corner of the paper, we hope you find yourself in each one – just as we have.

For the first time, we have 5 artists - 2 locations - 1 installation!!

We are so thrilled to be showcasing art from:

Erica Beck

Lindsey Crafter

Lesley Grainger

Wendy McWilliams

Ashley Trabue

At the Collective 615 in Nashville and The Flourish Collective in RVA. Shop in person at these two locations and online throughout the month of March. We can’t wait to see where all of the SHEs end up.