Art makes us happy, it's true. Whether we have the talent to create it or just appreciate beautiful things hanging on the wall, being surrounded by art creates the same emotion in us as feeling love. And can't we all use a little more love?
So, go ahead, fill your walls with art and see what happens in your home, your head, and your heart.
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Are you tired of staring at blank walls, but don't know where or how to buy art? Shopping for art does not have to be overwhelming or intimidating. 
With a wide network of artists around the country, a keen eye for the up and comers, and a sense for varying price points - we can help find the right pieces of art for your walls. 
For a small fee, we can put a plan together incorporating what you love and the colors that are going to make your room feel complete.
With a comprehensive plan you can: 
  • see how the art comes together in your space.
  • buy what you love all at once or over time 
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Hannah Lane
Shop for original artwork through ART FOR THE HOME.
Pop-up show coming in March 2018!
for original art
Gone are the days of having to shop exclusively through galleries for stunning artwork. Original art is more accessible than ever and very wallet-friendly price points.
You can find amazing pieces on Instagram, local shops, directly from the artist and even through etsy (read Laura Loe's artist story). 
So what are you waiting for? Get to buying the things you love. Go ahead, visit the artist sites directly and indulge in their beautiful work. 
what you love
Connect people to what you love and the artists you follow. Snap a picture and share your favorite piece of art on instagram. Tag #artforthehome
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