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Given that hundreds of miles separate Louisville, KY and Richmond, VA, Mollie Creason and I have not met person (yet!). Despite the distance, Mollie feels like an old friend. Each time we chat, our conversations span family life to emerging artists to brainstorming great big ideas and collaborations.

Mollie began her career as a portrait broker, connecting people to artists who capture the precious moments of their little ones. That turned out to be just the beginning. Guiding many friends and clients through the portraiture process gave way to lots of conversations and general questions about art that went beyond the commissioned portrait. It turns out that Mollie’s clients wanted more than just a portrait for their space. With each request for “a little something for above the sofa”, Mollie enthusiastically began the hunt to find original artwork that was “just right” for the space. It was through this process of sourcing art for others that Mollie realized there was a huge gap in the marketplace for reasonably priced artwork. A light-bulb moment. So, with a good idea and a deep breath, Mollie launched Well + Wonder in 2015 with the mission of promoting southern, female, emerging artists.

Launching with only six artists, W+W has blossomed to include thirty artists with plans to add more in 2019. This growth and transformation has been a truly organic evolution over the past couple of years. With a strong vision for bringing together talented artists, Mollie has built an on-line collection of art that spans price point, genre, size, and mediums – all while staying true to the mission of promoting southern, female artists. Mollie has a knack for finding artists whose artwork is compatible while also offering diversity in look and feel. This combination makes W+W an easy one-stop shopping experience for anyone who needs art for their space. It’s pretty amazing that in a few short years, Mollie has taken a “little, big idea” and turned it into go-to resource for collectors across the country.

But that is what Mollie has accomplished. Who Mollie is, her essence, is much more than the success of W+W. Mollie is a wife and a great mom of two sweet little ones who definitely take top billing in her life. Mollie is smart, easy-going, and a hard-worker. She builds strong relationships with her artists – each one, proud to be a part of W+W - many touting that W+W is their favorite collaboration/representation. Mollie is driven and focused but not on achievement - not on fame - not on instagram followers. Mollie is dedicated to the artist, the art, and helping people find the piece that they love. She is grounded and humble – the first to point her success to the artists she represents. Mollie is the business-minded woman you want to have in your corner. 

Take a minute to learn more about my pen pal, Mollie Creason, founder of Well+Wonder.

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art in the elements - Nan Jones

the fun stuff .... 
Favorite hostess gift to give?    

a small piece of art

Favorite restaurant? 

Jack Fry's in my hometown of Louisville

Favorite drink? 


Favorite vacation spot? 

Sea Island, GA

What's on your wish list? 

An outdoor art painting by my friend Nan Jones.  She paints these really amazing abstract paintings on a weather proof acrylic so you can enjoy your art in the elements!! 

behind the scenes ....
What do you love the most about the artist you work with? 

nac: 2018

Kerry Hays

Lindsey Porter

I love connecting with these artists and introducing them to my clients. I have become very aware that buying original artwork can be intimidating and very personal, So, it is nice to be able to introduce clients to these women and make true connections (this is the south, after all!)


Plus, it may be cheesy but these women that I work with have all become dear friends.

What are you excited about in the art world? 

I am excited to introduce our clients to many more artists in 2019! I recently opened our artists call for submission and was incredibly overwhelmed (in the best way possible!) with over 300 submissions!! There is no shortage of talented female artists across the southeast. 


We will roll out about 12 new artists this year and each are so incredibly talented in their own right. I am also excited to introduce new mediums to Well + Wonder. We have many clients interested in collecting sculpture and fine art photography - so stay tuned for some surprises.  

What is one your favorite pieces of art that you own? 

Mom brain has hit hard and there are a lot of paintings with a lot of stories to tell so I am going to go with my most recent acquisition! My artists are busy working on a Spring Florals group show we are going to have and Kerry Hays began (for the first time ever to my knowledge) to explore painting flowers through her geometric, muted tonal paintings. 


I was so curious how they were going to turn out and when she sent me a progress shot of the painting, I was in awe and wrote immediately, "I need this! Sold!".  I had no place in mind for this painting but I knew if I didn't snag it I would regret it. The piece is 15x36" which I also love about it. It didn't take long to find the right spot and "she" is now part of a collection in my foyer. I love the story behind the art, so thank you for asking this question, Whitney!!

How do you make your work fit with your life (and all those mom responsibilities? 

I don't know if I am the best person to answer this question!  The whole work-life balance is a work in progress for me. It's a blessing and a curse at times that I own my own business that is operated out of my home. But I love that I am able to pick my kids up from school and have flexibility to go out and do special things with them. 


Everyone told me the years fly by and it's so true!  Well + Wonder was an idea in my head when I was pregnant with my 2nd and now she is 4! I do try and be really efficient with the time that I am given (whether it is a large block of time when my children are at school or 20 minutes in between appointments!).


It is an evolution so any tips welcome here!

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